The Brief

A leader in luxury Florida real estate, BEX Realty (formerly Boca Executive Realty) was growing and looking to redesign their brand. Our team at Three21 worked to create a new identity for them that emphasizes the company’s mission and values, with a look just as elegant as the properties they specialize in.

The Strategy

In order for us to successfully create a brand that resonates across demographics and coincides with the company’s vision and innovations, we approached the brand by concentrating on three key elements


Focusing on agents and their customers as the main audiences, we were able to recreate the brand in a way that caters to their interests, needs and tastes.


Since BEX serves in luxury real estate, we worked on designing the brand to reflect their clients’ lifestyle with an upscale and professional style.


The brand serves to convey the company’s innovative technology and first class services available throughout the state of Florida.

Brand Breakdown

The new logo strives to refine and modernize the BEX brand and represents the luxury of the brand as a whole. Sitting within two circles, the logo was designed to look like a crest – a symbol of royalty, establishment, class and family. Additionally, the crown-shaped BEX Realty icon is showcased within the bottom quadrant of the logo. By incorporating the company’s previous icon we were able to add a refined touch to a recognizable symbol, one that represents sophistication and elegance.

Building the Brand

In order for the brand to remain consistent across various types of collateral, we designed guidelines and mockups for each of the print and digital collateral that was built including stationery, letterhead/business cards, folders, yard signs, rack cards and powerpoint templates.

Email Marketing

We created a strategy for ongoing email marketing in order to provide BEX Realty clients with property listings and event notifications.


Overall, the new brand and email marketing efforts proved extremely effective and was well received by both the BEX Realty team and by the company’s clients. It was an engaging rebrand that has allowed BEX to have an overarching and recognizable brand that doesn’t confine them solely to South Florida, but gives them room to continue their growth.


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