The Brief

Davidoff of Geneva cigars are known for their distinct hand-crafted quality and refined sophistication. When the global brand realized its email marketing was lacking a strategy that reflected that unique sophistication, it turned to Three21 created a results-driven, streamlined email marketing solution that would engage consumers and drive sales.


Three21’s objective was to design, develop, test and launch emails for each of the Davidoff’s individual brands, while maintaining an experience consistent with the established parent brand.


Excited for the opportunity to offer a high-impact solution that would garner real-world results for Davidoff, our team at Three21 developed a four-point strategy.


A defined user experience is an integral part of any digital marketing effort, serving as the foundation for all optimization tactics. We created a cohesive environment that would meet all of the consumer’s needs, while keeping the call to action front and center.


In order to create a unique, individualized experience for the consumer, we would utilize data to drive the content, serving only the most relevant information, based on a defined set of criteria.


We would provide extensive cross-browser testing to ensure consistent performance across all devices and email platforms.


In order to optimize conversions, we would test everything — from the subject line copy to email content and design.

Click-Triggered Design

In an effort to minimize superfluous elements and optimize loading times, we chose to create a clean, minimalistic design paired with a strong, enticing hero image and clear calls to action.

Geo-TargetedDynamic Content

Utilizing sophisticated email marketing code, one of the most complex elements we implemented was geo-targeted dynamic content. This allowed us to improve personalization by serving location-specific content based on the user’s IP address.


In an effort to ensure seamless delivery and a cohesive experience, we conducted extensive cross-email testing, which allowed us to check for any potential discrepancies between platforms and email providers.

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